Case Studies:

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South America:

Bolivia- ICO water planting
La Aguda 'water planting' scheme

Bolivia- Los Negros
Compensation for Hydrological Environmental Services in Los Negros Cloud Forest

Bolivia- Tarija
Watershed conservation in Sama Biological Reserve-Tarija (PROMETA)

Brazil- PCJ Consortium
PCJ- Inter-municipal consortium in the Piracicaba, Capivari and Jundiaí basins (PCJ).

Colombia- Campoalegre
Compoalegre Users Association - land acquisition

Colombia- Fuquene
Payment for Environmental Services (PES) scheme in the Lake Fuquene; Project Cuencas Andinas (CONDESAN-GTZ)

Colombia- PLAN VERDE
Green Plan: reforestation and restoration of secondary forests in critical watersheds

Colombia- Valle del Cauca
Valle del Cauca - land acquisition and land management contracts

Cuencas Andinas: Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
Cuencas Andinas: Sustainable Land Use in Andean Watersheds.

Thungurahua Páramo Management Fund - Regional Project Cuencas Andinas

Cuenca City - Land acquisition & watershed protection contracts

Ecuador –FONAG
Water Conservation Fund in Quito - watershed protection contracts & land acquisition

Ecuador- Pedro Moncayo
"Reforestation and Management of the Mojanda Micro Valleys"

Ecuador- Pimampiro
Nueva America forest management plan: Payment for Ecosystem Services component

Various Payment for Watershed Services (PWS) Schemes

Peru- Alto Mayo
Payment for Environmental Services (PES) scheme in the micro-watersheds of Rumiyacu, Mishquiyacu y Almendra