Case Studies:


Kenya (Integrated Ecosystem Project)
Western Kenya Integrated Ecosystem Project

Kenya - Navaisha-Malewa Project
Equitable Payments for Watershed Services, WWF/ CARE Initiative

Pro-poor Rewards for Environmental Services in Africa (PRESA)
Various Schemes, Proposals, and Pilots

South Africa (Maloti-Drakensberg)
Maloti-Drakensberg Transfontier Project (MDTP)

South Africa- Working for Water
South African pro-poor watershed rehabilitation projects

South Africa (Working for Wetlands)
South African pro-poor wetland rehabilitation projects

Sub-Saharan Africa - Kagera River Basin
Transboundary Agro-ecosystem Management Programme for the Kagera River Basin (Kagera TAMP)

Tanzania - Equitable Payments for Watershed Services (EPWS) Programme
Delivering Conservation and Poverty Reduction in Uluguru, Tanzania

Uganda (Uganda Breweries)
National Wetland Programme and private business (brewery)